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Business of Furniture - May 16, 2018

  •   Studio TK Announces New Partnership with Artifort - Studio TK has entered into a new product partnership with Artifort to manufacture and distribute the Dutch company's chairs, tables and sofas in North America.
  •   LIGHTFAIR International Held in Chicago - Like the office furniture industry, lighting is very splintered with a few large companies, like Sylvania, Philips and Samsung, and hundreds of smaller ones filling the hall.
  •   CDW SPECIAL SECTION - The second edition of the North American Innovation Exhibition will have those technology companies (and some seriously high tech products) on view in London next week at Clerkenwell Design Week.
  •   Will the Showrooms Finish on Time? Our Annual Mart Walkthrough - "The Mart will be ready," Byron Morton said during Business of Furniture's annual walk-through of the show floors last week, but that doesn't mean it all happens without a little stress.
  •   A Q&A with Bruce Allum - Bruce Allum was working as a registered architect in Tampa, Florida, in 1984 when he got a call from an old friend who owned a computer service bureau.
  •   Steelcase Expands Relationship with Microsoft - Steelcase believes that as organizations pursue growth they need to foster more innovation, which needs a new kind of work culture.
  •   State Senate Majority Leader Attends Trendway 50th-anniversary Celebration in Holland - State Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof applauded Trendway for its commitment to the Holland community and its employees.
  •   CoLaboration - Al Everett - "Dance Like Your Competitors are Watching... Because They Are"
  •   Stephen Says - "Take a Hint from Your Children: Changing Jobs Is Easier Than Ever" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - LogicMonitor Offices – Austin
  •   Whiteboard - Hacks for Supporting the Untethered Employee / The Baby & The Bathwater: Build on What You Know / Is Coworking the Future?
  •   FIRST LOOKS - The latest in products from Maars, Global, ESI, Arcadia and Maharam
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2018

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING - How do you rate a working experience in a space not really meant for it? On a recent business trip to Charleston I stayed in room 439 at the Charleston Harbor Resort, a mostly pleasant experience in a relatively nice room. If you are anything like me, no matter where you are traveling for business, you have to get some work done.
  •   FLEXIBLE SERVICES - Who cares about workplace services? Well, at a minimum, the 10,877 people who have it in their job title on LinkedIn right now. Or perhaps any employer who's motivated by Glassdoor's recent finding that 79 percent of employees would choose engaging benefits over a pay raise. Or perhaps any member or provider of co-working space, which now makes up 37 percent of office space in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, according to the Instant Group.
  •   GRAPHENE: A MATERIAL FOR THE FUTURE - Graphene is a very thin layer of carbon. Graphene is transparent, incredibly thin, and is the strongest material known to science and we are just now starting to tap in to its seemingly unending list of capabilities.
  •   TWO NEW CHAIRS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORK - Sculptural, sleek, sexy. Not words often associated with office furniture. But two of the largest furniture makers in the world recently introduced new chairs that fit the bill. They also will change the way you work, adding some much needed comfort to the office. In the last few weeks, both Steelcase and Herman Miller launched new chairs that will sit in an office near you very soon. Both Steelcase's new SILQ chair and Herman Miller's Cosm are getting solid initial reviews.
  •   HOW CIRCADIAN LIGHTING BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY - The average workplace is awash in illumination from overhead fixtures, wall sconces, task lamps and computer and device screens. But with respect to Mr. Edison, there's a growing field of evidence that shows exposure to electric light at all hours of the day has far-reaching consequences that interfere with health, productivity and creativity.
  •   WORKPLACE SEATING: IT'S ALL ABOUT 'HABITATS' - When it comes to specifying seating for the workplace, Boss Design offers a strong collection of options suitable for the six workplace "habitats" identified by the company.
  •   LECTRA CHANGES THE WAY MACHINES WORK TO IMPROVE HOW YOU WORK - Many observers believe we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution, commonly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.
  •   PRODUCT MATTER - The latest and greatest, and not so great products reviewed.
  •   WHY ALLOWING EMPLOYEES TO WORK REMOTELY FACILITATES ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH - Technology offers the benefit of allowing your employees to work remotely, either on a regular basis or whenever the need arises. But did you know working remotely can actually make your employees happier and more productive?
  •   CIFF FOCUSED ON INTELLIGENT OFFICE, THE ELDERLY AND BETTERING WORKERS - Attendees continued to see higher quality products, particularly with the task chair.


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