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Business of Furniture - December 1, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: The Best Work Happens in an Office, Not at Home - The industry can't just keep reacting to the whims of the workers. Part of our job is consultative in nature — we need to guide our customers toward the BEST results, not simply supply them with products they think they might want. The best place for workers is in the office, working together to solve problems.
  •   KI Makes Room for Wall Success - Genius Wall, in particular, is known for its speed of installation and reconfigurability. That's because it is a unitized product and built that way — when the wall panel arrives on site, it is fully built and ready to be put up into the ceiling track.
  •   Revisiting Our Bold Predictions for 2021: Where Are We Now? - At ThinkLab we strongly believe in the power of design and design thinking and that a degree of systemization can be accomplished without commoditizing the value of design. 2020–21 has shown us that an industry rooted in bespoke design can pivot to provide good design (even if it's not entirely unique to that client) for projects large or small, within tight budgets and timelines.
  •   China Plans for Spring CIFF Show (COVID Willing) - To meet the new demands and trends in international trade, a Cross-Border E-Commerce Zone will be created, providing product and material search services, discussion forums, matchmaking opportunities, and solutions and tools for globalizing the furniture trade.
  •   Going Beyond Net Zero: Humanscale's Legacy of Responsible Design and Manufacturing Continues - Humanscale's 2020 CSR report demonstrates measurable impact across energy, water, emissions, resource depletion, wildlife preservation, social responsibility and healthy materials.
  •   USGBC to Host Summit on Bridging Occupant & Community Health - The event will be fully virtual to support public health priorities.
  •   Dyer Brown Grows in Southeast, Expands into Behavioral Health Design - The firm is doing a ton of research into design for behavioral health, and they've learned that there's a significant amount of overlap with their other areas of expertise.
  •   Stephen Says - "Sales Goals Are Too High? It's Groundhog's Day for Reps" - by Stephen Viscusi - I remember at my first job selling for Haworth one year I had a sales goal I never thought I would make, but then I landed a huge job I was not counting on and made double my base salary. The nature of sales is that they are unpredictable, try as we might to build models to predict them.
  •   UPFRONT: Celebrating Growth, Architecture and Interiors Firm JZA+D Acquires, Designs New Headquarters - Even in Princeton, New Jersey, a community steeped in its own history, change is inevitable. Few know that better than the architects and designers of JZA+D, who regularly tackle local projects with innovative approaches that blend evolution and tradition.
  •   Product Spotlight: Lilly and Jax Collections Expands with Rocker Base - The new model is designed to deliver motion in the Lilly and Jax collections, making it appealing to new spaces that go beyond the office. The rocker base complements the both lines creating a casual, relaxed and inviting environment for guest, breakout and lounge spaces.
  •   PLACES - MONIN Offices – New Delhi | The studio is designed as a fluid and connected space with two open levels. A central "green spine" facing the different areas, widely opened to the mezzanine-floor, providing a fresh connection to nature.
  •   INDUSTRY PULSE - CIDA Publishes Future Vision 2020-21 Report / ASID Foundation Awards Research Grants to Projects Promoting Inclusivity
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Arcadia's Theme Collection Bridges the Gap Between Comfort and Style / Source Introduces Attune / Framery Introduces Video Conferencing Solutions for Seamless Office Collaboration / Designtex Introduces Several New Collections
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Midpoint Magazine - Mid-November, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | CONNECTING WITH THE A&D COMMUNITY - Establishing a good working relationship with A&D firms can be accomplished by showing how you can be a reliable resource and partner. Step one for designers is often referred to as "field verification".
  •   BRIAN ZUERCHER | MAKING DESIGN CONNECTIONS - Even with lots of work happening on the internet, most people generally still went to an office every day. Employees are now used to having a set of options — delivery, carryout and dine-in are easy stand-ins for WFH, hybrid and remote work.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | SUPPORTING ACTIVE LIVING AT WORK: THE NEW LIVING WELL AT WORK GUIDE IS AVAILABLE NOW - This new resource is important given the results of the 2021 INDEAL Cares Employee Wellness Survey Report, which found 47% of respondents are looking for tools and support related to healthy living, including improving physical activity and eating well at home and at work.
  •   MILLENNIALS OR GEN Z: WHO'S DOING THE MOST JOB-HOPPING? - While some young people might enjoy moving around freely when it comes to jobs, Gen Z's cautiousness might mean we see an increase in the length of time they spend in jobs as their careers progress.
  •   WHO DESIGNS PRODUCTS FOR THE INDUSTRY? CREATIVE STUDIOS LIKE QDESIGN - The company quickly gained accolades for its designs, winning several industry awards right out of the gates. Qdesign doesn't have to ask what's happening in office design. It sits in the same office (in a separate room) as a design firm on the front lines. It feels the energy, sees what other people are working on, and sees plans being laid out. It knows the popular colors and finishes. All of that feeds into the product design, whether it is for a new table, lighting product or chair.
  •   MORTARR FILLS IN CRACKS IN DIGITAL INSPIRATION; SPECIFICATION - Mortar is defined as a workable paste that hardens to bind building blocks such as stones, bricks and concrete masonry to fill and seal the irregular gaps between them, spread the weight of them evenly and sometimes to add decorative colors or patterns to masonry walls. Mortarr is just plain useful as a place for inspiration and connection, but also as conduit to move the industry toward a virtual, digital future.
  •   INDEAL'S WORKSTYLE BOOKLETS NOW AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL AND PRINT FORMAT - The Workstyle booklets are part of INDEAL's Pinpoint Platform, a digital resource designed to quickly connect dealers with brands, with enhancements to help them inform and present to clients.
  •   THE FURNITURE PRACTICE DRAWING BLUEPRINT FOR WHAT INTERNATIONAL DEALER MIGHT LOOK LIKE - If you are an office furniture dealer and have customers as diverse as Lululemon, BASF, Adobe and the NFL, your "territory" is literally the world. So why not embrace it and cover the globe? That's the idea behind The Furniture Practice, a London-based company that is part consultancy, part office furniture dealer, part project manager and part client services company. And it may be providing the blueprint for the future of furniture specification and delivery for those ambitious (or foolhardy) enough to follow its example.
  •   WELLNESS IN ACTION: OFFICE ENVIRONMENTS' NEW WORKPLACE INITIATIVE - Based on the initial meeting, INDEAL Cares developed a customized and confidential wellness survey, complete with messaging, for the Office Environments team to share with its employees. INDEAL Cares was established with a vision to transform the health and well-being of individuals working in the commercial interiors industry in North America, something that sparked an interest with Shelley and Minor.
  •   NEW SURVEY REVEALS MORE THAN 4 IN 10 EMPLOYEES FEEL OVERWHELMED WITH WORKLOAD - One in 10 respondents say a lack of visibility from supervisors into that workload is the biggest challenge. 76% of employees say their workload has been impacted by COVID-19. Within the same study, four in 10 report they are overwhelmed with their workload most or all of the time.
  •   THE SMARTBOX COMPANY ANNOUNCES NEW REPRESENTATIVES - The smartBOX Company continues to grow its national sales presence with the addition of The Lowe Group serving Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
  •   TANGRAM ANNOUNCES ALYSSA ARMESTO HAS BEEN PROMOTED TO AN EXPANDED GENERAL MANAGER ROLE INCLUDING FRESNO AND BAKERSFIELD OFFICES - Armesto joined Tangram as a sales executive in 2013 in the firm's Newport Beach location. She assumed the role of general manager for Fresno in 2019, bringing her back to her hometown and expanding her position within the company.
  •   CBI EXPANDS INTO LOS ANGELES AS PART OF STRATEGIC GROWTH EFFORT - "The Los Angeles market is five times larger than the Orange County market, so it offers tremendous growth potential for CBI," said Darren Stiles, CBI president.
  •   WHERE I'M WORKING — LA CREPERIE PARIS LAS VEGAS - The crêpe did not disappoint. It was light and delicious, the strawberries, blueberries and blackberries were fresh, and the whipped cream literally topped it off perfectly.
  •   THE EVER-CHANGING POLITICAL PRESENCE IN THE WORKPLACE - With more people working at home, life and work lines have become more blurred, including conversations about culture and politics. Many now work from home / live at work, which means our social lives and political stances often bleed into our work environ-ment.
  •   ROB PENDLETON JOINS OFFICE RESOURCES AS VICE PRESIDENT, NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Pendleton will be driving strategic business development initiatives at targeted architecture and design firms in Boston and New York.
  •   GOODMANS INTERIOR STRUCTURES BECOMES ARIZONA'S EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR MILLERKNOLL - Goodmans Interior Structures is a 67-year-old commercial furniture company with a vision to Change the Community by leveraging its talent and fostering a commitment to stakeholder capitalism. Goodmans is the first Benefit Corporation in the state of Arizona.
  •   REVIEWS | LECTROFAN HIGH FIDELITY WHITE NOISE SOUND MACHINE - The LectroFan performed admirably to mask the chatter to the point where we couldn't hear specifics of the conversation.
  •   REVIEWS | AVANTREE NEETTO ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP TABLE - The Avantree Neetto beats products like the pillows with attached work surfaces that make up most of this category, but it still doesn't perform as well as it could, and its design is aesthetically unappealing.


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