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Business of Furniture - May 5, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: Vaccine Passports Coming to an Office Near You? - As society tires of the pandemic, the pressure to create vaccine passports is certainly going to rise and will affect all aspects of our lives.
  •   British Furniture Maker Looks for Connection in North America - Connection uses its insights into the needs of modern commercial, educational and public-sector environments, which gives the company an understanding of the evolution of work.
  •   4 Ways Design May Reinvent Itself - As we rethink how design has been done in the past and move toward informed and experiential design, the success hinges on creating interaction.
  •   INDEAL Launches Pinpoint VIP Along With 3 Month Free Trial for Dealer Members - Pinpoint VIP, a Virtual Inspiration Platform and enhancement to INDEAL's Pinpoint Search tool, launched May 1 and is available to all INDEAL Dealer Members.
  •   Sedia Systems Opens Consolidated Manufacturing Operations in Asheboro, North Carolina - Asheboro Mayor David Smith said he's excited to welcome Sedia Systems to the town of 26,000 residents and noted the community has a long legacy of furniture and textile manufacturers.
  •   Predictions for Workplace and Lifestyle Habits in Summer 2021 - As vaccine roll-outs continue and scores of Americans are inoculated daily, life is slowly returning to normal.
  •   The Salone del Mobile 2021 Will Go Ahead - The 59th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be an innovative, iconic and unique edition. Scheduled for Sept. 5-10, the event will focus on promoting companies' latest products, technologies and projects.
  •   NeoCon Presents Designing in a Digital World - The four online sessions will address the innovations and challenges within the rapidly expanding digital sphere of design.
  •   Stephen Says - "Your Dog Died and Your Boss is Supposed to Care?" - by Stephen Viscusi - Losing a pet is a great reason to use PTO. Your friend happened to be a bachelor, and his life was his pet, but it's just as bad for families with children.
  •   Training & Development - "Lessons in Leadership from Ted Lasso" - by Sid Meadows - One of the most overlooked and underused aspects of leadership is simply kindness.
  •   Upfront: 2020 Announces Release of 2020 Office Software v2021 - This new release provides support for AutoCAD 2022 and an updated CAD engine for 2020 Cap Complete. 2020 Visual Impression v2021 brings new furniture movement capabilities, and all 2020 Office applications are updated to support these new capabilities.
  •   Product Spotlight: Via Seating's First All Mesh Chair Onda Launches - Onda is the Italian word for wave, and a wave is just what the chair from Via Seating's looks like with its striking back that curves up and crests into an arch. The all-mesh seat curves down to ensure efficient circulation and optimal support and comfort.
  •   PLACES - Qin Group Offices – Chengdu, China
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Tarkett, Versteel, Nevins, BodyBilt, Narbutas
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Workplaces Magazine - May, 2021

  •   WHERE I'M WORKING: YELLOWSTONE COFFEE & CANVAS - With an array of coffee and snack items on the menu, and several sitting places to choose from, Yellowstone Coffee & Canvas proved to be a delightful place to work.
  •   WORKPLACE WELLNESS - If we can design spaces for wellness, it will make it easier for all types of people to come back to the office while still maintaining flexibility for those who work at home. There are seven aspects to wellness we balance - physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, social, and environmental.
  •   EMPLOYER ACTIONS & EMPLOYEE PERCEPTIONS: GAUGING THE COVID-19 WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE - Organizations are still managing travel expenses conservatively and adjusting the way they do business to incorporate less travel, with 68% of organizations expecting the same level of business travel or less in 2021, as compared to 2020. Further, Sixty percent of organizations report they will not require employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine prior to returning to work, an indication organizations are opting to maintain a personal vs. professional line by not requiring the vaccine.
  •   AS ECONOMY REOPENS, THE TIME HAS COME FOR EMPLOYERS TO OPEN UP THEIR REAL ESTATE PROCUREMENT PROCESSES - With an economy working from home, it's become apparent the model is changing. Many are seeking hybrid solutions where employees come to the office half of the time or only for special team collaborations and client meetings.
  •   NEW LEGIONS OF REMOTE WORKERS PUTS GEOGRAPHIC PAY POLICIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT - With remote working requests continuing to emerge and surprise leaders, companies are reevaluating how to create cohesive, consistent and fair geographic pay policies as employees push to straddle multiple geographies. What used to only be an occasional issue is now a frequent request and savvy employers will need to respond with fair, transparent and attractive geographic pay policies for distributed workforces if they wish to remain competitive.
  •   SURVEY FINDS 58% OF PEOPLE WORKING REMOTELY WOULD QUIT THEIR JOBS IF REQUIRED TO RETURN TO OFFICE - Sixty-five percent would prefer to work remotely full-time post-pandemic, while 33% would like a combination of remote and in-office work (hybrid work arrangement). Just 2% would prefer to return to the traditional office on a full-time basis. While workers are most concerned about COVID-19 exposure/infection (49%), having less work flexibility (46%) and less work-life balance (43%) were other key apprehension points in returning to traditional workplaces.
  •   LOCAL OFFICE, GLOBAL VIEW: DYER BROWN-DESIGNED HEADQUARTERS UNIFIES U.S. OPERATIONS FOR TECH MEDIA GIANT - The idea from IDG leadership was to create a space that reflected their identity as a house of brands rather than a branded house.
  •   MOST EXECUTIVES EXPECT RETURN TO OFFICE OR HYBRID MODEL - The survey findings suggest many businesses may be underestimating the changes needed to optimize workplaces for health and safety and accommodate the evolving requirements of a hybrid work model in which employees blend working from different locations, including home, on the go or at the office.
  •   PREVIEWING THE FUTURE, SVIGALS + PARTNERS COMPLETES SECOND MAJOR WORKPLACE FOR BIOHAVEN PHARMACEUTICALS - Building on Svigals + Partners' longstanding commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the client group, the workplace harnesses daylight and outfits workers with sit-stand desks in a setting marked by natural materials, nontoxic finishes, premium air filtration and other benefits of an active workplace. The company's brand colors, green and blue, are complemented by a contrasting magenta proposed through a virtual-reality walkthrough.
  •   WHAT ARE PERFORMANCE FABRICS? - The definition of a performance fabric is as individualized as a performance car. Broadly speaking, it denotes above-average attributes compared to standard upholstery.
  •   PROJECT AIMS TO KEEP IT AUTHENTIC - Perkins&Will's design seamlessly reconciles two opposing forces — the desired focus on collaboration and the need to accommodate concentrated individual work.
  •   REVIEWS - Etc. Holden Pull Up Table / ZG1 Single Monitor Arm

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-April, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | SHOWROOM DESIGN – IT'S ABOUT THE MESSAGE AND PLACEMENT. - Does your showroom answer the question. "Why buy?" If not, it may be time for a new approach.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | INSIGHTS FROM THE INDEAL AND INDEAL CARES RETURN TO WORK SURVEY - INDEAL Cares, together with INDEAL, recently conducted a short survey to ask the industry for its thoughts and feelings on returning to the workplace over a year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  •   JULIA MACHADO | DEALER DESIGNER WORK HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED - The way dealer designers work has changed drastically. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard that. As dealer designers we have to be experts in the industry and in product knowledge.
  •   PMC COMMERCIAL INTERIORS USES NEW 'SUNDAY DRIVE' SHOWROOM TO GALVANIZE MESSAGE FOR ITS CAROLINA CUSTOMERS - To call PMC's Sunday Drive a showroom is an understatement. One of the drivers from the design side was to demonstrate to the marketplace that you can take an average building in this case and really change the interior to reflect something pretty dramatic.
  •   SKG CLIMBS RANKING OF FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES - SKG's revenue grew 86% from 2017 through 2019, the period used for the regional ranking. The company's 72 employees serve Austin, San Antonio, College Station and West Texas.
  •   THE EATON GROUP IS A MODEL FOR HOW REP GROUPS WORK BEST - Creating personal connections is key to Eaton's success. He organizes a group of about 20 dealers and manufacturers to visit Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern coast of Oregon every February and has since the bucket list resort opened 20 years ago. Over the last four decades, Dave Eaton has worked as a rep in the furniture industry, so he has seen a few changes over the years.
  •   EZOBORD AND QUIET EARTH MOSS BECOME INDEAL'S NEWEST BRAND PARTNERS - EzoBord was an early pioneer in the field of design-driven acoustics, pushing the boundaries with a range of fully customizable acoustic products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications.
  •   COMMERCIAL FURNITURE DEALER EMPIRE OFFICE GROWS SALES LEADERSHIP IN NEW YORK AND SOUTH FLORIDA - Erica Cain and Elizabeth Irizarry have joined Empire Office, a provider of contract furniture solutions, in business development and sales leadership roles.
  •   FORBES RANKS FELLOWES BRANDS ONE OF AMERICA'S BEST MID-SIZED EMPLOYERS - "Our culture and this recognition is made possible by our devoted people who bring the spirit, care and positivity every day," said fourth-generation CEO John Fellowes.
  •   MC OFFICE FURNITURE PARTNERS WITH OFFICE FURNITURE HEAVEN - Marc Schwartzberg, OFH CEO, said, "Barry has a wonderful reputation in our industry. What has impressed me is his commitment to exceeding client expectations, no matter the size of the company. I'm eager to build on the outstanding foundation of excellence Barry and his team have provided to their clients over the years.
  •   MIEN CATALOG NOW AVAILABLE IN 2020 OFFICE SOFTWARE - MiEN Environments has a full product line for K-12 and higher education facilities, including tables, chairs, soft seating, whiteboards, mobile storage and more.


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