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Business of Furniture - February 24, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: Fall NeoCon is Full Steam Ahead - NeoCon may even extend the hours and the length of the show if there is a need to balance attendee capacity and traffic flow. Show dates for NeoCon 2022 will revert to June (June 13-15, 2022). Fingers crossed, if everything continues to improve, we should have a very busy fall to look forward to.
  •   Three Ways Companies Have Shifted to Survive the Pandemic - When the entire world is facing the same challenge, any petty industry rivalries really do go out the window. It's about humanity now, and that is being reflected in the way many brands across many industries are working.
  •   Creating Safe Places — Designers Look to Younger Generations for Inspired Diversity - Intersectionality is key when building a diversity program in the company — not only in recruiting efforts but in tenet as well. A certain foundation needs to be laid before genuine diversity is achieved.
  •   A Digital Revolution — Mortarr + INDEAL - 2021 will be a big year for expanding INDEAL dealership and brand representation on Mortarr. At the beginning of the year, Mortarr and INDEAL announced a partnership to help digitally strengthen the connection between the commercial interiors industry and the A&D world.
  •   How to Hybrid: Steelcase Global Report Reveals New Employee Needs For the Future Work Experience - Leaders want people to be together, but their old office won't work for the new reality.
  •   HOLLY HUNT Recommits to Long-Term Leases at Vornado Realty Trust Properties - This year also marks the brand's 20th anniversary at the A&D Building in New York.
  •   USGBC Top 10 States for LEED in 2020 - While offices, education and health care projects accounted for a majority of certifications, warehouses, distribution centers, multifamily and retail projects represented almost 20%.
  •   Upfront: Emerald Acquires EDspaces - "It is increasingly clear that effective design of education spaces will be more important than ever post-COVID-19, and it is gratifying and exciting to play a role in developing next-generation solutions for the industry," said Stacy Shoemaker Rauen, senior vice president, the Design Group, Emerald.
  •   Product Spotlight: Legrand Introduces C2G Performance Series HDMI Line and HDBaseT - The C2G HDBaseT extenders support up to 4K video resolution at a 60Hz frame rate for up to 130 feet over a single Cat6a.
  •   Stephen Says - "The Pandemic Is A Lazy Salesperson's Dream -- an Excuse for Not Coming In To Work, And I Have Had It!" - by Stephen Viscusi
  •   PLACES - Aon Offices – Milan
  •   FIRST LOOKS - MLI, Teknion, Framery, Landscape Forms, Kirei
  •   So Much More Every Week - Regional Industry News Brief, Industry Moments, Industry Portfolio, Hutch, Industry Events, The Stream, Industry Pulse, Industry Classifieds & Careers

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-February, 2021

  •   AOS INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTS: CONNECTING TO COMMUNITY IN THE BIG EASY - AOS has been outfitting New Orleans and the rest of southern Louisiana with great furniture for 45 years. The dealership has grown to be the largest in New Orleans by combining community pride with outstanding products and service. AOS also does things a little differently when it comes to the operations side of the business. The company does all the warehousing, delivery and installation functions largely in house, which is a rarity among dealers these days.
  •   A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP: TECHNOLOGY AND MANUAL LABOR - Without question, technology has long played a significant role in the design and construction of interior environments. Today, top‐tier installation companies are upping their technological prowess to keep the industry moving amid the worst market collapse in generations.
  •   WORKSCAPES HELPS TAMPA GENERAL HOSPITAL QUICKLY BUILD 17 ICU BAYS - Workscapes, an office interiors company in Tampa, Florida, recently completed a project with Tampa General Hospital.
  •   FROM THE EDITOR | WELCOME TO THE SECOND ISSUE OF MIDPOINT - This month we are focusing on installation, a major part of the sales process, especially at the dealer level.
  •   JIM HEILBORN | CHOOSING AN OUTSOURCE INSTALLATION COMPANY - Operational flexibility is one key to creating an operational profit center as opposed to just another cost center.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | THE CASE FOR SUPPORTING WORKPLACE WELLNESS AND EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING - INDEAL Cares' first annual employee health and wellness survey found 66% of respondents stated COVID-19 was taking a toll on their physical and emotional health.
  •   CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR REMAINS A CONSTANT, DESPITE LOCKDOWN IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD - With an area of more than 8 million square feet, the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou is expected to host 4,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors.
  •   JC WHITE AWARDED BEST IN CLASS AGAIN - Haworth leadership announced JC White has been awarded 2021 Best In Class status.
  •   JK MOVING SERVICES HIRES MARK DINEEN AND ALYSON NASH: OFFICE FURNITURE VETERANS BRING SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE TO EXPANDING SERVICE - JK Moving Services has hired Mark Dineen and Alyson Nash to its commercial business division to expand the furniture and workplace installation service provided to clients.
  •   ARCADIA AND ENCORE APPOINTS ALLYN-RAE GROUP AS INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVES FOR FLORIDA - The Allyn-Rae Group focuses on marketing and branding, not only for their own firm, but the manufacturers they represent.
  •   WHEN FURNITURE INSTALLATION IS LITERALLY A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION - Commercial Furniture Transport was the one called recently for a project that is helping people survive the pandemic.

Workplaces Magazine - February, 2021

  •   HOW I'M WORKING: PUSHING AWAY FROM THE DESK - The desk has become ubiquitous with work. In the typical office, it is the personal hub for nearly all heads-down activities. So as the coronavirus forced us from the office to our homes, many of us found ourselves lacking this critical tool. Some displaced workers had home offices set up already, but many of us found ourselves trying to find the right tools to work from home.
  •   WHAT IF YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T WANT TO COME BACK TO THE OFFICE - There are no two people who are the exact same, so creating a solution that is flexible and inclusive to anyone we employ is more important now that ever before.
  •   SHRM'S PARAGONLABS KICKS OFF NATIONAL COMPETITION IN SEARCH OF BEST WORKPLACE TECHNOLOGIES - In Chicago, the finalists will present to a panel of judges composed of HR and business leaders in front of an audience of investors, HR professionals, fellow innovators and leading media organizations. The winner of the Better Workplaces Challenge Cup will receive a cash prize of $50,000 and learn about investment opportunities to get their innovation off the ground and in workplaces.
  •   NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION, COGNIZANT US FOUNDATION LAUNCH WORKFORCE INNOVATION NETWORK TO SUPPORT A ROBUST, EQUITABLE RECOVERY - In advance of launching the network, NGA hosted more than 100 participants from 32 states for the Creating an Agenda for Workforce Recovery workshop series. The four-part series covered key topics such as how to expand access to essential services and advancing digital inclusion.
  •   RESEARCH FINDS FEMALE EMPLOYEES HARDEST HIT BY PANDEMIC AND WORKING FROM HOME - Prior research has shown in households where two partners are employed, women typically engage in household tasks more than men. And during national lockdowns and the closure of schools, the burden of household tasks tends to increase for couples with children as they become compelled to assist with children's virtual learning.
  •   WHAT WORKERS WANT: TIME OFF, FLEXIBILITY, PAID LEAVE - It's important to look holistically at a paid leave strategy. Companies should have a diverse portfolio of paid leave options to meet the needs of diverse employees.
  •   HINDSIGHT IS 2020: 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOME OFFICE MORE COMFORTABLE IN 2021 - Incorporating height-adjustable solutions into your workstation is essential for a balanced and healthy way of working. The benefits of sit/stand go beyond increasing our well-being and reducing the risk of injury. Research has shown standing for just 15 minutes every hour boosts circulation, takes pressure off the spine and balances muscle use.
  •   HOW TO KEEP YOUR CULTURE THRIVING OUTSIDE THE OFFICE DURING COVID - Each company has a unique culture, a reason why people like working there and why it's successful. The best companies are very intentional about their culture, and it's more important than ever.
  •   US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR ISSUES STRONGER WORKPLACE GUIDANCE ON COVID-19 - The guidance details key measures for limiting coronavirus's spread, including ensuring infected or potentially infected people are not in the workplace, implementing and following physical distancing protocols and using surgical masks or cloth face coverings.
  •   NOTCH FOR CORPORATE WORKPLACE TEAMS - Teams that oversee workplace design and management at large companies can leverage Notch to outfit new locations and track assets and inventory across a portfolio of spaces. Notch can also be used as a tool to manage the setup and tracking of company-owned furniture, fixtures and equipment distributed to employees for home office setup.
  •   COLLABORATING FOR A CLOSE-UP: NEW ANGLE FILMS AND NELSON WORLDWIDE JOIN FORCES TO SUCCEED IN A WORLD RULED BY VIRTUAL VIDEO - In addition to developing a skillset that includes voice, diction, active listening and visual cues through their work with New Angle Films, the NELSON team also learned to control the things you can — like lighting and sound — so that when things that are out of your control go wrong — like a dog barking — you won't be as jarred and stressed out having to handle them.
  •   PRODUCT REVIEWS - Etc. Brutus Shelves - Regardless of whether we work at home or the office, one piece of furniture that can be found in both are shelves. Rush Charge Hinge - Few things are more irritating than your phone dying when you really need it.


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