Midpoint Magazine - Mid-October, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | ATTENDING INDUSTRY EVENTS CAN OPEN A WINDOW TO THE FUTURE - Like everything else, the pandemic has had a large impact on NeoCon. We may like to think we're on the cutting edge but a great deal of what our industry develops, sells and uses is often just a response to changes in other industries, technologies, legislation and sometimes, even the economy.
  •   BRIAN ZUERCHER | A NEOCON OUTSIDER ON THE VALUE OF LOOKING OUTSIDE YOUR INDUSTRY - I was really looking to spot the IBM of the industry. Just like IBM in the tech space, many furniture manufacturers have been studying how people work for decades.
  •   GEORGE LUCAS PFEIFFER | EXPERIENCING NEOCON 2021 AFTER THE SHOW - NeoCon 2021 was truly a show unlike any other since its inception in 1969. Knowing where to look and becoming a frequent consumer of commercial interiors content will certainly make you more knowledgeable and a greater asset to your team and your customers.
  •   JUSTIN LOEBER | BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION MUST INCLUDE MANUFACTURERS - NeoCon 2021 was my first experience at theMART and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I realized at NeoCon is there's an unspoken limit to how easy a dealer can make it for customers and employees. You may have nailed your CRM, dialed in your business system, automated basic functions, deployed killer dashboards and so on, but you will eventually hit a wall.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | FOCUS ON SPINE HEALTH: OCTOBER IS NATIONAL ERGONOMICS MONTH - Spine Health Has Declined Over the Past Year | The recent INDEAL Cares Employee Wellness Survey Report, which included input from thousands of people within the industry, found 53% of respondents are suffering from spine or neck pain — a significant increase over a year ago when only 31% of individuals reported spine pain.
  •   WORKING SPACES TIES SUCCESS TO COMMITMENT TO COMMUNICATION, TECHNOLOGY - "We didn't lay anybody off. We didn't let anybody go. We actually grew the business year over year during the pandemic." | Working Spaces believes it sets itself apart in many ways, but communication with the client — from beginning to end, when things are going right and when they are going wrong — is a key differentiator. The dealer also believes that using technology to the fullest can set you apart in the marketing and sales process as well.
  •   INDEAL RESCHEDULES UPCOMING LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - INDEAL's 2021 Leadership Conference, originally scheduled to take place in December, has been postponed until Nov. 6-9, 2022.
  •   MEGAN RUSSO RECEIVES ARIDO DESIGN AWARD FOR MCCRUM'S OFFICE FURNISHINGS - Russo's creative process and attention to detail helped the company realize the vision of its space as a holistic experience for McCrum's employees, clients and suppliers.
  •   MOST EMPLOYERS PLAN TO OFFER HYBRID WORK AFTER THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, ACCORDING TO XPERTHR'S LATEST SURVEY - The results indicate that the war for talent is playing a big role in organizations' planning around flexible work with nearly nine in 10 employers reporting 'increasing retention' as either 'somewhat' or 'very' important in motivating them to offer flexible work options.
  •   MIDPOINT 'MUSTS' FROM NEOCON 2021 - The Midpoint staff scoured theMART last week, looking for products that caught our eye, were well designed and solved for a specific purpose.
  •   WORKERS SAY JOB PRESSURES TAKE BIGGER MENTAL TOLL THAN COVID-19 FEARS - Fifty-seven percent of workers surveyed said their mental health has degraded since the start of the pandemic. The driving factor behind this decline: their workload. Work pressures are so great that half of the respondents say work demands are taking a bigger toll on their mental health than COVID-19.
  •   RIEKE OFFICE INTERIORS WINS GLOBEE; TAKES SILVER AWARD IN COMPANY INNOVATION CATEGORY - ROI won a Silver Award in the category of Company Innovation of the Year for its entry "Creating the SafeSpace Product Line During the Pandemic."
  •   LEGRAND'S VANTAGE BRAND ANNOUNCES NEW FIXTURE ALLIANCE PARTNER — ENVIRONMENTAL LIGHTS - As part of these alliances, a 5 + Lighting Design Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP) has been developed. Through the DPP, projects featuring both Vantage and Environmental Lights products will receive a 5% discount from Vantage at the time of order and a free lighting design when a project is registered.
  •   WHERE I'M WORKING — HOTEL MILANO CASTELLO - The hotel is truly a hidden gem, found on a back alley in a nice, vibrant neighborhood, close enough to the goings-on while attending Salone, but far enough away to be slightly removed from the chaos.
  •   TANGRAM ANNOUNCES KIMBERLY WIGGS HAS BEEN PROMOTED TO K-12 EDUCATION AREA OF PRACTICE LEADER - In her new position, Wiggs will assist in hiring and lead training for new employees for the inside sales desk. She will work closely with the education manufacturer partners to be best aligned with K-12 opportunities, while continuing to strengthen Tangram's position in the education market.
  •   IN LIGHT OF COVID'S TOLL ON WORKERS, A NEW REPORT OFFERS SIX RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPROVING EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE AND ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE - "Businesses not only need to trust their employees, but to gain their employees' trust."
  •   UNISPACE ACQUIRES EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN FIRM DOWNSTREAM - Downstream has an expansive portfolio of integrated digital and physical experiences in global tech hubs, flagship retailers, major sports venues and other destination spaces around the world.
  •   SOLOMON COYLE NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS FOR FALL PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING - Solomon Coyle's PM training program addresses dealer goals for margin protection, customer satisfaction and retention and talent management.
  •   REVIEWS | ADOBE SCAN and WORLDCARD PRO BUSINESS CARD READER - Adobe Scan is an app that turns your mobile device into a scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR) and allows you to create, save and organize your paper documents as a digital file. WorldCard Pro is the best digital scanners we've used of those on the market. It is a simple, pocket-sized scanner that easily connects to your Mac or Windows computer.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-September, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | THE SEVEN LEARNING STYLES AND SELLING - Too many companies don't invest enough time and money on proper orientation and training. They want instant success but aren't willing to pay for it.
  •   KAY SARGENT | SOLUTIONS FOR THE POST-PANDEMIC ERA - The past 18 months have been a helluva ride, but it's not over yet. The silver lining of the past year may be that it's given us an opportunity to think beyond the challenges at hand and take a much more holistic look at how, when and where people work.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN HEALTH - Leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to fundamentally change the way their employees live and work — and the overall quality of their lives.
  •   ROB KIRKBRIDE | BACK TO (THE MOST FUN) SCHOOL WITH INDEAL U - Things are changing so much in the industry right now, INDEAL U is needed more than ever by those hoping to keep up.
  •   EUGENE COLBERG | WORKPLACES BEND, NOT BREAK IN POST-COVID ERA - The coronavirus pandemic has been a shock to the system in many negative ways, however, it's great to see a completely unexpected evolution of the workplace come out of it that will ensure safety and productivity for years to come.
  •   WHERE I'M WORKING — BREWDOG DOGHOUSE HOTEL - The DogHouse Hotel is a surprisingly good place to work, especially if you're traveling while COVID-19 is still spreading, since there is a huge outdoor seating area.
  •   GOODMANS STRIVES TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE TO 'RETURN OUR EMPLOYEES BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES...IN A BETTER CONDITION THAN WE GOT THEM IN THE MORNING' - "What we've doubled down, tripled down on and continue to believe is that our purpose, the reason we exist, is to create a great employee experience for people."
  •   INDEAL OPENS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE REGISTRATION TO ITS DEALER MEMBERS - "Our goal is to provide critical knowledge that helps members move beyond many of the challenges they've been facing, so they can confidently look towards a more promising future," said Dave Bloch, INDEAL CEO.
  •   MARK BAKER NAMED CEO AT SANTA CLARA-BASED ONE WORKPLACE - Baker is a former executive at Steelcase who has led One Workplace through growth of technology and construction divisions, the initiation of workplace culture consulting and the company's expansion into other markets, including Sacramento and Salinas, California, and Seattle, Washington.
  •   INDEAL CARES SURVEY SHOWS PANDEMIC TAKES TOLL ON MENTAL HEALTH; BACK PAIN STILL A PROBLEM - The survey, launched in June 2021, aimed to understand both the self-reported well-being of individuals working in a variety of roles within the industry, employee intentions and wishes for returning to the workplace safely in a post-COVID world.
  •   BOS TAKES TRAINING TO NEW LEVEL WITH WORKSPACE DIGITAL; HELPS CREATE CONTENT FOR INDEAL U - BOS and its Workspace Digital division proved it can create digital content to get people up to speed quickly. Now it is doing the same for INDEAL U.
  •   WHAT WE EXPECT FROM NEOCON: VIEWS FROM A VETERAN AND A FIRST-TIMER - Both Pat Gosselin and Kalie Soris come from Interiors for Business, a Steelcase-aligned dealer in the Chicago area, but they are about as far apart on the NeoCon spectrum as two people can get. Gosselin, president of the company, is ready for his 30th NeoCon and Soris, its young marketing coordinator, is preparing to attend her first. Here's what they had to say about the show.
  •   AIS EXPANDS DESIGN DEPARTMENT TO HELP DEALERS - Over the past few months, the department has hired two new designers with a combined 25-plus years of experience. They bring a broad-based skillset with a focus on designing corporate and educational interiors.
  •   SURVEY: AS WORKPLACES REOPEN, 42% OF WORKERS FEAR GETTING COVID - Survey respondents rank a flexible work location as the most desired aspect of a new job, prioritizing it slightly over better pay and career advancement, the two traditional drivers of job changes.
  •   REVIEWS | ORIGINAL PRUSA MINI+ 3D PRINTER - You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful little printer for less than $500.
  •   REVIEWS | COTOPAXI ALLPA 35 L TRAVEL PACK - We found the Cotopaxi Allpa 35 L nearly perfect for every business travel situation. The pack meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines, so it is a great size for air travel.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-July - Mid-August, 2021

  •   FREIGHT AND SHIPPING ACCOUNTING - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL - "Freight in" is defined in the IRS Tax Guide for Small Business as "freight-in, express-in, and cartage-in on raw materials, supplies you use in production, and merchandise you purchase for sale, are all part of cost of goods sold."
  •   DUET RESOURCE GROUP EXPERIENCE CENTER SELECTED AS 2021 MILWAUKEE MAYOR'S DESIGN AWARD RECIPIENT - The Duet Resource Group Experience Center sits at the borders of The Third Ward, Walker's Point and Harbor District neighborhoods. The building was originally built and occupied by the Pawling and Harnischfeger machine pattern making facility.
  •   IN QUIRKY, HUGE ATLANTA MARKET, CWC OFFICE FURNITURE HAS SHINED FOR MORE THAN 90 YEARS - CWC Office Furniture has come out on top as the largest office furniture dealer in the Atlanta market. CWC knows that being the biggest in the market comes with a big responsibility. Along with its own installation crews and fleet of trucks, the company maintains a 175,000 square foot warehouse and has additional locations in Macon and Columbus, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  •   TANGRAM NAMED AMONG 'BEST PLACES TO WORK IN ORANGE COUNTY' FOR FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR BY OC BUSINESS JOURNAL - Organizations from across the county entered via a two-part process. The first consisted of evaluating each employer's workplace policies, practices and demographics. The second consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience.
  •   RIEKE OFFICE INTERIORS HIRES BILL NICHOLSON AS DIRECTOR OF SALES - Nicholson, a Geneva resident, described his new role as providing continual process improvements to sales operations and business development. Additionally, he also provides training, development and support to the sales, design and project management teams.
  •   INDEAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE SET FOR DECEMBER IN SAN DIEGO - Speakers at the invitation-only event include Kay Sargent, senior principal and director of workplace at HOK, who will talk about the future of the workplace, and Dan Negroni, a leadership coach and expert on how younger generations are affecting the workplace. A third keynote is in the works and will be announced in the next few weeks.
  •   ALFRED WILLIAMS & CO. FINALIZES ACQUISITION OF WORKPLACE RESOURCE - Alfred Williams & Co., based in Raleigh and with a Triad showroom in Colfax, has finalized its acquisition of Workplace Resource, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The deal comes as employers around the country consider bringing workers back to the office amid the pandemic.
  •   GIBSON INTERIOR PRODUCTS WELCOMES TWO HIRES - Both come from the Bill Gross Agency where they have more than 20 years of experience combined in the contract furniture industry building relationships with dealers and A&D firms serving the New York community.
  •   RHUBOTTOM JOINS ARBEE ASSOCIATES AS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - Rhubottom's previous experience includes a background in interior design and manufacturer representation in flooring and furniture with DatesWeiser, Mosaic Tile Company and AECOM.
  •   THE SMART CITY SANDBOX - The IBI Smart City Sandbox in Toronto creates a new environment that encourages idea incubation, development and acceleration to be shared by external partners and in-house technology developers.
  •   ATMOSPHERE COMPLETES ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY HEALTH FUTURES CENTER - Atmosphere and Arizona, ASU and DFDG Architecture worked diligently to create a state-of-the-art facility designed to maximize the amount of interdepartmental shared spaces to generate ongoing opportunities across the Mayo Clinic and ASU Alliance for Health Care.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-June, 2021

  •   WELLNESS IN THE WORKPLACE SPOTLIGHT: 5 WAYS THAT FOCUSING ON AUTONOMY CAN POSITIVELY IMPACT ORGANIZATIONAL WELL-BEING - Before us stands a time to rewrite our scripts and reinvent the quality and texture of how we spend our time accomplishing the full spectrum of daily goals that make up our lifestyles. Business models that ensure environments where employees flourish through the ability to exercise autonomy in daily work operations and healthy lifestyle choices ultimately enable well-being and engagement.
  •   HOW DESIGN CAN INCREASE WELLNESS - The WELL building standard has become the leading tool to improve human health in homes and offices across the world. Initially focused on the commercial office space, WELL has recently turned its attention to health care environments. Understanding the science behind promoting health outcomes through design is a key step toward improving patient safety, progress and quality of care.
  •   SUPPORT OUR WORK TOWARD A HEALTHY LIFE: TAKE THE INDEAL CARES EMPLOYEE WELLNESS SURVEY - The insights obtained from this year's survey will build on IDEAL's knowledge, provide a better understanding about employee wishes for returning to the workplace safely.
  •   ONE WORKPLACE BELIEVES A HEALTHY WORKFORCE LEADS TO HEALTHY BUSINESS - For nearly a decade, One Workplace has been named a top employer in the Bay Area — no small feat given the competition there. The work with its own employees has allowed One Workplace to help its customers as well. As the San Francisco Bay Area begins to open along with its other markets in the Pacific Northwest, One Workplace is helping its customers safely get back to work. One Workplace has always been about serving its customers in whatever way is needed. The roots of the company go back to a bookstore founded in the 1920s in downtown San Jose by the Lindsay family.
  •   KFI STUDIOS ROLLS OUT NEW WEBSITE - The new site, which includes easier access to product information and support materials like high-res images, brochures and symbols, also adds a new feature — "Build Your Own."
  •   INDEAL ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH HOPEWELL - Hopewell is taking its research platform directly to INDEAL dealer members, offering discounted licensing and partnership opportunities.
  •   HOPEWELL HELPS DEALERS MEASURE WX (WORK EXPERIENCE) - Designed by world-class consumer experience researchers, Hopewell's WX assessment elicits meaningful insights about how, when and where employees reach peak performance. "The future of the workplace will be data-driven and worker-centered," said Continental Office CEO Ira Sharfin. "Our designers know it, and now the Hopewell WX Assessment gives us a common language to help our clients discover it, too."
  •   WORKPLACE RESOURCE ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH CORPORATE SOURCE - Two leading dealers team up to transform Colorado's commercial furniture scene.
  •   AIS LAUNCHES RELATIONSHIP WITH SOCAL AIS - SoCal AIS combines the efforts of Ron Frantz, principal at Sculptural Spaces, and Ashlie Collins, principal at Bentwood Design in Los Angeles.
  •   WORKSCAPES CEO ELIZABETH DVORAK JOINS THE CEO COUNCIL OF TAMPA BAY - CEO Council membership offers access to collaborative focus groups who can get answers to pressing issues. It also offers rewarding and educational social experiences to help grow influence in non-traditional settings.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-May, 2021

  •   JILL THOMAS | FROM FOLLOWERS TO FANS: BOOSTING YOUR BRAND WITH SOCIAL MEDIA - Posting on your social media channels is just the first step in establishing and maintaining your presence. The key is really to engage with your followers.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF THE LIVING WELL AT WORK GUIDE - The Living Well at Work Guide will include several modules focusing on our four pillars of health; active living, mental health, disease prevention and spine health, to support your teams in their journey toward better health and well-being. This new resource comes in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, which takes place in May each year.
  •   HOW JAZZ IMPROVISATION HELPS WB WOOD ADAPT TO EVER-CHANGING NYC BUSINESS LANDSCAPE AND WHY DEALERSHIP DECIDED TO MOVE FROM HERMAN MILLER TO HAWORTH - With customers like Calvin Klein, JP Morgan, Rolex, NYU Langone Health and Warner Media, WB Wood keeps very busy in the New York metro area, though the pandemic slowed business, as it has everywhere.
  •   KIMBALL SELECT PARTNER, OSTERMANCRON, EXPANDING INTO THE LOUISVILLE MARKET - In addition to Kimball, OstermanCron will represent the National and Etc. brands from Kimball International. With these three brands, OstermanCron will fully leverage the power of Kimball International in its expansion to Louisville.
  •   ARENSON COMPLETES SCARSDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY - Arenson provided the space with ancillary furniture for small breakout spaces, large meeting rooms and private offices for the library built in the 1950s. These products include reading chairs, coffee, laptop, side and end tables.
  •   ONE WORKPLACE HELPS STUDENTS LEARN BETTER OUTDOORS - This year many schools across the country took their desks, chairs, easels and their students outside. The pandemic created the need and opportunity, and the movement was organized and supported by the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative, co-founded in our backyards by Green Schoolyards America; the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley; San Mateo County Office of Education and Ten Strands.
  •   SUPPORTING HEALTHCARE TODAY - A tenured expert in Pivot's Healthcare division, Sulae Cheung has partnered with Los Angeles institution Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for more than 20 years. Hospitals have specialized needs to support patients, practitioners and caregivers as well as infection controls, visitor tracking, flexibility to accommodate changing technology and so much more.
  •   DEALER SURVEY FINDS MOST EXECUTIVES SEE RETURN TO OFFICE OR HYBRID MODEL - Fewer than one out of five businesses (18.3%) have already reconfigured their spaces, and 21% are planning to make either modest or substantial adjustments to their spaces.
  •   INTERSCAPE RECEIVES THE 2021 TEKNION PLATINUM DEALER AWARD - Interscape was one of only four dealers in the country awarded this prestigious status within the Teknion dealer network.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-April, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | SHOWROOM DESIGN – IT'S ABOUT THE MESSAGE AND PLACEMENT. - Does your showroom answer the question. "Why buy?" If not, it may be time for a new approach.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | INSIGHTS FROM THE INDEAL AND INDEAL CARES RETURN TO WORK SURVEY - INDEAL Cares, together with INDEAL, recently conducted a short survey to ask the industry for its thoughts and feelings on returning to the workplace over a year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  •   JULIA MACHADO | DEALER DESIGNER WORK HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED - The way dealer designers work has changed drastically. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard that. As dealer designers we have to be experts in the industry and in product knowledge.
  •   PMC COMMERCIAL INTERIORS USES NEW 'SUNDAY DRIVE' SHOWROOM TO GALVANIZE MESSAGE FOR ITS CAROLINA CUSTOMERS - To call PMC's Sunday Drive a showroom is an understatement. One of the drivers from the design side was to demonstrate to the marketplace that you can take an average building in this case and really change the interior to reflect something pretty dramatic.
  •   SKG CLIMBS RANKING OF FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES - SKG's revenue grew 86% from 2017 through 2019, the period used for the regional ranking. The company's 72 employees serve Austin, San Antonio, College Station and West Texas.
  •   THE EATON GROUP IS A MODEL FOR HOW REP GROUPS WORK BEST - Creating personal connections is key to Eaton's success. He organizes a group of about 20 dealers and manufacturers to visit Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the southern coast of Oregon every February and has since the bucket list resort opened 20 years ago. Over the last four decades, Dave Eaton has worked as a rep in the furniture industry, so he has seen a few changes over the years.
  •   EZOBORD AND QUIET EARTH MOSS BECOME INDEAL'S NEWEST BRAND PARTNERS - EzoBord was an early pioneer in the field of design-driven acoustics, pushing the boundaries with a range of fully customizable acoustic products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications.
  •   COMMERCIAL FURNITURE DEALER EMPIRE OFFICE GROWS SALES LEADERSHIP IN NEW YORK AND SOUTH FLORIDA - Erica Cain and Elizabeth Irizarry have joined Empire Office, a provider of contract furniture solutions, in business development and sales leadership roles.
  •   FORBES RANKS FELLOWES BRANDS ONE OF AMERICA'S BEST MID-SIZED EMPLOYERS - "Our culture and this recognition is made possible by our devoted people who bring the spirit, care and positivity every day," said fourth-generation CEO John Fellowes.
  •   MC OFFICE FURNITURE PARTNERS WITH OFFICE FURNITURE HEAVEN - Marc Schwartzberg, OFH CEO, said, "Barry has a wonderful reputation in our industry. What has impressed me is his commitment to exceeding client expectations, no matter the size of the company. I'm eager to build on the outstanding foundation of excellence Barry and his team have provided to their clients over the years.
  •   MIEN CATALOG NOW AVAILABLE IN 2020 OFFICE SOFTWARE - MiEN Environments has a full product line for K-12 and higher education facilities, including tables, chairs, soft seating, whiteboards, mobile storage and more.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-March, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | PLANNING FOR THE INEVITABLE - If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! The question they asked me was, "When should I start succession planning?" My answer was, "The day you decided to own your business."
  •   STEFANIE INCE | GETTING YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAM STARTED - Make wellness something that your team will want to commit to. Consider offering tips, incentives like prizes for participation or a random draw, and weekly or monthly corporate challenges – anything you can do to support the team for showing up and making wellness a priority.
  •   ID+A IN LOUISVILLE PUTS THE SUCCESS IN SUCCESSION PLANNING - Throughout three decades, ID+A has retained its founding concepts and adapted to the changing demands for workplace design and products. What was true at their inception remains true today: Their unwavering client focus and exceeding their expectations.
  •   CUSTER'S EVOLUTION FUELS 40 YEARS OF GROWTH - Diversification — both geographically and economically — has helped the dealership tremendously.
  •   WHAT IS THE ELASTIC INTERIOR? - A survey of 2,000 office workers in 10 countries showed a majority want to work remotely over two days a week on average, double from before the pandemic, according to JLL's research.
  •   ALIANZA / LJ DUFFY FORM STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP - Alianza and LJ Duffy's teams have a long, successful history of project implementation for Herman Miller.
  •   CUSTER DRIVES MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS AT JW MARRIOTT IN THE MIDST OF A BOOMING ERA FOR GRAND RAPIDS HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY - To maintain its well-established standard of excellence in the area's hospitality industry, JW Marriott Grand Rapids worked closely with Custer's team of experts to update the hotel's high-traffic interior spaces.
  •   INTERVIEW WITH 2020 OFFICE RENEWAL SPECIALIST DANA SHWARTZMAN - 2020 has announced Dana Shwartzman has joined the 2020 Office team as an account manager.
  •   VS AMERICA'S CATALOGS AVAILABLE IN 2020 OFFICE - Focused on best practices for educational facilities, VS develops adaptable, ergonomic and sustainable furniture solutions for the creation of agile learning environments.
  •   BII OPENS NEW SHOWROOM IN SPOKANE, WASHINGTON - The new showroom in Spokane is open now and serves as a hub for client meetings and furniture project design and planning.
  •   ENROLLMENT FOR SOLOMON COYLE SPRING PM TRAINING SESSION NOW OPEN -- INTRODUCING A NEW TRACK FOR NON-ALIGNED DEALERS - Designed specifically for dealer staff, Solomon Coyle's PM Training program is delivered through 10 interactive webinars, individualized instructor attention, a wealth of field-proven work tools and supporting materials and a final exam to help measure student comprehension.
  •   LEGRAND | AV NAMES NUTECH GROUP AS NEW SALES REP FOR MID-ATLANTIC U.S. - The NuTech Group has earned a reputation as one of the most highly regarded manufacturer's reps in the country.
  •   PURE WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS ANNOUNCES ALIGNMENT WITH KNOLL FOR THE STATE OF KANSAS - PURE's new alignment includes access to the full Knoll portfolio of furniture, textiles, leather, architectural products and accessories.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-February, 2021

  •   AOS INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTS: CONNECTING TO COMMUNITY IN THE BIG EASY - AOS has been outfitting New Orleans and the rest of southern Louisiana with great furniture for 45 years. The dealership has grown to be the largest in New Orleans by combining community pride with outstanding products and service. AOS also does things a little differently when it comes to the operations side of the business. The company does all the warehousing, delivery and installation functions largely in house, which is a rarity among dealers these days.
  •   A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP: TECHNOLOGY AND MANUAL LABOR - Without question, technology has long played a significant role in the design and construction of interior environments. Today, top‐tier installation companies are upping their technological prowess to keep the industry moving amid the worst market collapse in generations.
  •   WORKSCAPES HELPS TAMPA GENERAL HOSPITAL QUICKLY BUILD 17 ICU BAYS - Workscapes, an office interiors company in Tampa, Florida, recently completed a project with Tampa General Hospital.
  •   FROM THE EDITOR | WELCOME TO THE SECOND ISSUE OF MIDPOINT - This month we are focusing on installation, a major part of the sales process, especially at the dealer level.
  •   JIM HEILBORN | CHOOSING AN OUTSOURCE INSTALLATION COMPANY - Operational flexibility is one key to creating an operational profit center as opposed to just another cost center.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | THE CASE FOR SUPPORTING WORKPLACE WELLNESS AND EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING - INDEAL Cares' first annual employee health and wellness survey found 66% of respondents stated COVID-19 was taking a toll on their physical and emotional health.
  •   CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR REMAINS A CONSTANT, DESPITE LOCKDOWN IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD - With an area of more than 8 million square feet, the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou is expected to host 4,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors.
  •   JC WHITE AWARDED BEST IN CLASS AGAIN - Haworth leadership announced JC White has been awarded 2021 Best In Class status.
  •   JK MOVING SERVICES HIRES MARK DINEEN AND ALYSON NASH: OFFICE FURNITURE VETERANS BRING SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE TO EXPANDING SERVICE - JK Moving Services has hired Mark Dineen and Alyson Nash to its commercial business division to expand the furniture and workplace installation service provided to clients.
  •   ARCADIA AND ENCORE APPOINTS ALLYN-RAE GROUP AS INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVES FOR FLORIDA - The Allyn-Rae Group focuses on marketing and branding, not only for their own firm, but the manufacturers they represent.
  •   WHEN FURNITURE INSTALLATION IS LITERALLY A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION - Commercial Furniture Transport was the one called recently for a project that is helping people survive the pandemic.

Midpoint Magazine - Mid-January, 2021

  •   WELCOME TO THE FIRST ISSUE OF MIDPOINT - Magazines take a few issues to really get rolling. You may not have heard about Midpoint until now, and we don't blame you (we were in the depths of the pandemic when the magazine was announced). Midpoint will be 100% dealer/rep focused. That gives us a lot more latitude in what we publish. The magazine could not have happened without the help and encouragement from our friends at INDEAL, the dealer group that has grown from a purchasing group to the de facto dealer organization in the industry.
  •   THE PHYSICS OF SALES - By Jim Heilborn | Too many salespeople are busy but not productive. It is often because they have no real daily plan of action. It is critical for salespeople to stay in motion.
  •   STUDIO BY DEKKO'S LUNA SHINES IN EXPANDING GALAXY OF DEKKO DESIGNS AND PRODUCTS - Luna, unveiled last fall, stands alone as a striking statement piece while providing a powerful charging capability for all kinds of devices — smartphones, tablets, computers — and for settings that include homes, hotels, offices and hybrid spaces. Dekko collaborated with Gensler, serving as product design consultant, for Luna.
  •   'MOVING DESIGNERS' PROGRAM DESIGNED TO HELP DEALERS CONNECT TO CUSTOMERS AND HELP IN THE SALES PROCESS - The dealer designer is such a critical role, such an important role, and sometimes overlooked or forgotten in the sales process. The job is getting even more challenging since much is now done on Zoom calls, and technology is becoming more complex.
  •   OFFICE REVOLUTION ACCELERATES GROWTH WITH LOCATION IN RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - The Raleigh location is the first outside of the Midwest market for Office Revolution, which is headquartered in Chicago and has locations in suburban Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. The company is one of the largest Teknion dealers in the country and has been recognized with Teknion's Orion Award for excellence in sales, service, community involvement and customer satisfaction.
  •   HAT CONTRACT / SIS ERGO DOES ITS 'HOMEWORK' - HomeWork does more than simply sell the product through an e-commerce website. The products are packaged properly for home delivery, installation services are offered and marketing support is provided. HomeWork helps HAT Contract/SiS Ergo maintain and strengthen its relationships with its dealers.
  •   FORWARD SPACE CELEBRATES GRAND OPENING OF NEW MILWAUKEE SHOWROOM - The new building is at 2020 South Street 4th Street, directly across the Kinnickinnic River from Michels Corporation's new headquarters. In addition to the new Milwaukee showroom, Forward Space has a newly renovated satellite office in Chicago's Merchandise Mart and in December had a ribbon cutting at its more than 100,000 square foot headquarters and warehouse in Wood Dale, Illinois.
  •   RESOLUTIONS FOR A HEALTHY NEW YOU - Sometimes, the resolutions that people choose are restrictive and unsustainable, leading most people to break their resolutions within a few weeks…resulting in people making the same resolutions year after year. This year try to make resolutions that can improve your health – and can be followed for life!
  •   FURNISHING INSPIRING SPACES - THREE NORTH AMERICAN FURNITURE DEALERS JOIN TOGETHER TO FORM ONE: 'THE COLLECTIVE' - This new furniture titan will become the largest Teknion furniture dealer in North America, positioning itself to manage furniture standards for its extensive portfolio of clients in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.
  •   SITONIT SEATING CONSOLIDATED CATALOG AVAILABLE IN 2020 OFFICE - The new catalog provides customers with a one-stop shop experience for products which previously were separated into three different catalogs.
  •   TAMPA DEALER WORKSCAPES SIGNS WAREHOUSE DEAL NEAR YBOR CITY, PLANS TO LEAVE WEWORK PLACE IN DOWNTOWN TAMPA - The new location will also serve as a last-mile fulfillment facility for Workscapes clients on the Gulf Coast, Founder and CEO Elizabeth Dvorak said. It will be home to 35 employees.

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